In China, fifty five ethnic minority groups (EMG's) are officially recognised in addition to the Han majority. The combined population of the EMG's comprises less than 10% of the population of mainland China. Each ethnic minority group has its own unique language, culture and custom. In Yunnan Province there are twenty five EMG, including the Bai people. Liping Yang is almost known and loved by every Chinese person as she had danced on the stage of the Chinese New Year Gala of the Chinese Central Television (CCTV) for many times.

Not long ago she staged "Rite of Spring" at the Edinburgh International Festival, which brought oriental philosophy to Western ballet. 

Ms Yang is a Bai person and comes from Yunnan. She learned dancing by herself when she was a child. The EMG dance is generated from EMG peoples' daily life with a strong desire for love, health and life itself. Its movement is smooth yet powerful, and it is difficult to place it under any category of Western dances.

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